Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sorry, Bill.

Just wanted to share a wonderful comment I happened across under an article on NBC news online today.

Basically, a bride got swept away in a river while having photographs taken in her wedding dress, in Quebec. I was reading through some of the comments below the article and, of course, some guy named "Bill" makes a comment about this being America so a lawsuit will soon follow. And then the rest of the commenters (NOT a real word, my spell check just said so) jumped him for not knowing Quebec is a part of Canada, NOT the United States.

Then, as it always happens, someone else dogs the education system and how this "Bill" guy should know that Quebec is a French speaking part of Canada, and teachers aren't doing their jobs anymore...etc.

So, a teacher gets involved and gives the BEST little essay on our current family and education problems. Read on:

Don't blame this teacher for Bill's dumb comment!

When Bill was in my classroom, I taught Bill and the 37 other 15-year olds all about the US, as well as its neighbors. I had to tell Bill to get his head off the desk 3 times, then had to take his cell phone away, so he'd stop texting his gf and pay attention. When I asked them all to get a book off the shelf for our next activity, Bill told me to "go "blank" myself", as he didn't need to learn this "stuff", and was promptly sent from the room, so that the other 37 could learn in a peaceful environment.

Later, when I called home, I suggested that an adult ask Bill daily if he'd done his homework or if he had any schoolwork he should be working on. I was told that they "didn't have time" for silly stuff like that and that at 15, he was "responsible for himself".
Sure our public school sytem is flawed. As a teacher, I could talk for hours on this subject.
Please don't allow the blame for Bill's ignorance to rest solely on my shoulders.
I can't reach Bill or his grandparents (who had their child dump Bill on their doorstep to raise in their "Golden Years"). I'll keep trying, though, because it's my job.

At least 37 of my students know where Quebec is and which language is predominant there. All in all, that's not a bad percentage (98%).

Now at 32, Bill wishes he'd paid attention in my class at 15. He can't understand why he keeps losing his job and why he only makes minimum wage. As I told the entire class back then, ignorance has its consequences!

(Sorry Bill, I don't know you, but thank you for good-naturedly taking part in my rant!!)
 - A Teacher

Isn't that pretty accurate but sad picture of where we are today? I do apologize for the hint of language, but that's much, much kinder than what our kids hear on the bus and all day long in public schools and I wanted to convey her point. When we don't teach our children respect, boundaries, and consequences, the teachers suffer. And in the end, our children suffer. And the grandparent, is that ever going on all around us! How many grandparents do you know that are helping to raise their grandchildren now, so the parents can work, have more time for themselves, or whatever reason. It's so sad. 

Anyway, just wanted to share. You can read the actual article for yourself here.

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